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5 key tips to help you overcome a lack of motivation

Updated: May 17, 2023

Having a physical activity has countless benefits.

It enhances your physical and mental capacities and will have much more positive effects on the long term.

However being consistent is probably the most challenging part, and everyone will face a lack of motivation at some point.

It is absolutely normal.

The next time it happens to you, remember these 5 key tips to overcome your lack of motivation.

Feeling unmotivated is normal

Lacking of motivation is normal because motivation is temporary.

If you pay attention to it you will realise that your motivation is going up and down depending on the mood of the day or the problems you may face at the moment.

Being motivated is good, but it must not be your main fuel. You must have a 'why'.

If you listen to your motivation only, you will go up and down the hill frequently.

Your motivation is impacted by your mood, the busyness of your day and also the other things that shape your life and need your dedication to.

Absolutely everyone feels unmotivated at some point, and remembering your 'why' (understand: the reason why you do it), will help you overcome this problem.

To reach your final goal, you have to go through different steps and that includes lack of motivation.

People who reach their goal also face unmotivation, but they go through it.

tired woman closing eyes with sun at work
Tired woman

Focus on the solution rather than the problem

Stop blaming yourself! Feeling unmotivated is normal! What are the solutions now?

If you ever feel lazy to run errands you still do it right? Because you have to eat. You also have to shower, dress up, cook etc.

Why do you do all these things without even thinking about it? Because they are mandatory to you, they are part of your habits.

You have integrated them because you know they are vital.

Looking after your health is vital too.

Put your workout into your diary and treat it like any other vital activity you have to do.

Make it mandatory to you and do it.

Look at the next step only

When you are engaged in a regular physical activity, it is primordial to have a goal.

Setting a SMART goal will help you stay focused (how to set up SMART goals).

However sometimes, looking too far away can make you feel overwhelmed, or unable to achieve this goal.

When you set up your goal, don't forget to divide it into different time frame.

It can be yearly/ monthly/ weekly and daily. This will allow you to have a smart program that will bring you where you want to be.

However there are probably some days where you will lack of motivation. As said above, it is normal.

You might feel that an hour of exercise is long.

If that happens to you, focus on the next step, the next exercise, the next set and the next rep only.

Do not arrive at the gym or on your run and think about the end yet.

Go step by step and take minute after minute.

Time is always running at the same pace, only your mindset will make it feel long or short.

Exercising is an investment

Seeing the results of your investments takes time! It does not only apply to fitness, but also to any type of investment.

If you are a beginner, you will probably see a big change and big improvements in the first weeks, but if you are intermediate or advanced your progress will probably become smaller and slower with time.

It is frustrating, but not seeing the results of your efforts does not mean there is no improvement. You might already be used to the progress you have made which is why it is important to track your progress.

The more you exercise, the better you feel. And it becomes normal to feel the way you feel now. We have a tendency to forget where we were before and focus on the bad.

Tracking and monitoring your evolution is important as you can have a look to it to help you realise how much you have done.

3 women laughing and enjoying exercising together outdoor blue sky blue and pink outfit
Friends exercising

Consistency is key

It is the hardest part to apply to yourself but it is the most important!

Consistency is key! You have to show up in order to get results!

The most difficult part is probably to make your way to the gym. It is very unlikely that you will go there and don't do anything so stop overthinking it and organise yourself to put you in the best conditions to succeed (ex. get your gymbag ready in your car). Minimise or completely delete the time where you can potentially doubt and leave room for undecision.

Even if you don't perform very well today, you still performed because you did it.

It is important not to break the positive circle you have created. Showing up is already a big part of the job.

Think about the way you will feel after training, the pride you will have for doing something you were feeling to lazy to do.

Visualise the self esteem you will generate from that and the physical and mental well being you will enjoy after your session! You did it! Well done!

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