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How to stay fit around Christmas

Updated: May 17, 2023

Here we go again! One more year is almost gone and it is time to pack all the gifts up for Christmas.

It is time to spend time with family and friend, sharing lunch that finishes at 4pm before moving on to the dinner without even leaving the table.

It is winter, it is cold and so craving for massive meals and chocolate is normal.

However it is not a reason to waste all the gains you have made during the year!

Here are few tips that will help you stay fit around christmas and start 2023 in a good shape

Stay active

If you are following a strict program, Christmas, or holidays in general, are a good moment to take some space from it.

It does not mean that you have to stop exercising at all, however you can exercise a bit more freely. If you usually push yourself it might be good to do it slightly less and use this time off as a deload (what is a deload).

If you have a private personal trainer you can ask a home workout to do every now and then to keep you in shape.

You can also go outside and walk more than what you usually do. Play with your children more if you have some.

Basically free yourself from some of your duties and exercise differently but keep it active.

woman workout grey shorts black top and shoes grey background
Woman working out

Keep a balance diet

This might sounds a bit annoying but in my opinion it is important to keep a balanced diet.

It is obviously okay to eat more sweets and crave for some cheese fondue savoyarde (click here if you don't know what a cheese fondue is) and so have more food than what you usually do but just not every day.

You don't want to completely change your eating habits and make it more difficult to return to a more classic diet after Christmas.

You also probably don't want to disregulate your diggestive track and get stomach aches.

If you follow Equilibrium Workout principles you know that no extreme is good and you can enjoy every type of food all year around, just in a balanced way.

Stick to the principles.

chicken curry and rice
Chicken curry

Don't stress yourself

If you have the chance to get some holidays for the end of this year you will probably experiment a decreasement in your daily calories expenditure (what is the daily calories expenditure).

You will probably move less than what you usually do (no commute to work, probably more time on the couch etc), eat a little bit more and also sleep more.

You might put some weight on.

But no worries, as soon as you will go back to your regular life in January, work out and go back to your routine, your daily calorie expenditure will increase and you will get your energy back.

It is absolutely normal and acceptable to relax yourself a bit more than usually, it is even recommended!


If it is good to spend time with family and friends it is also good to disconnect from your day to day life!

That is why holidays are made for! Nurish yourself with these moments and make memories! Relax and unstress yourself, you have all next year to work hard!

Having a break will refresh your spirit and help you start 2023 the best way!

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