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Personal Trainer London.

My name is Jeremy, I'm the founder and the PT at Equilibrium Workout and I truly believe that body and mind are closely linked.

I made a priority to help people improving their physical and mental health through exercise.

Having a regular physical activity is the best way to improve your strength, prevent/fix injuries and enhance your joints.

It is also an unbelievable stress relief and a great way to clear your mind.

Sport will help you with chronic pain, longevity and self-esteem.

There are countless ways strength training can benefits you.

To me, it is the best investment ever!

I deliver strength and/or boxing fitness session all around London.


I have designed a service that will bring you commitment, dedication and flexibility. You will practice, learn,improve and get results through a personalised approach.

At Equilibrium Workout there is no extreme. No extreme diet or training. No extreme vision. Everything is about balance. And I'm here to help you meet your balance.

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The Benefits of Personal Training

  • Personalised approach: every programme, every session and every exercise are adapted to your level, goals, morphology, needs and limitations

  • Commitment and support: from the physical to the mental part of achieving your fitness goal, I will be here every step of the way.

  • Flexibility: I work with a limited number of people to make sure I can match your availability and get your training session into your schedule.

  • Results: I am providing advice, expertise, motivation and dedication to you. ​Commited to excellence, I guarantee results through a tailored approach.

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Understanding the Importance of Personal Training

At Equilibrium Workout we are looking for the right balance between training hard enough to have results, and enjoying the other things you love in life.

If you want to achieve long term results, the trainings must be adapted to you, and planned around your life. Not the opposite. You will invest a few hours every week to make sure you have enough energy and time left to make the most of your life.

There is not only one recipe to succeed. There are a few rules to follow and everything around that depends on the people.

There will be nothing extreme, only you meeting your balance.

Who is behind Equilibrium Workout?

My name is JeremyI am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Therapist in London.

Fascinated by the human body and its capacities, I also love physical performanceI'm always learning more about these 2 topics, whether it is for myself or to improve my client's experience.

Strength training does not only improve your overall fitness. It also impacts positively your mental healthA good combination for a more energised and  balanced lifeI chose 'Equilibrium' because I believe that no extreme is goodNo extreme diet, no extreme training, no extreme vision.

I shaped my services around 6 strong values: holism, mental health, physical well-being, improvement, consistency and balance.

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Why Choose Equilibrium Workouts?

My commitment to excellence pushes me to offer the same quality of service at all time. 

I work with a limited number of people to ensure flexibility, dedication and personalised approach to everyone.

For this reason, there is only one package, at a unique rate.

My Strength and/or Boxfit trainings are delivered directly to you, wherever it is most convenient - be it at your home, workplace, or a park close to you in London!

The sessions last 1 hour. The exercises are adapted to your level, goals, needs and limitations.

  • What services does a personal trainer in London offer?
    At Equilibrium Workout, your personal trainer in London will provide you results through strength training and/or boxing fitness. Throughout 24 sessions, you will practice, learn, improve and build habits that will change you physically and mentally.
  • What should I expect from personal training in London?
    You can expect commitment, dedication and flexibility. Life is busy which is why my services are adapted to your schedule, with your personal trainer commuting to you in London.
  • Can a personal trainer help with nutrition?
    At Equilibrium Workout nutrition therapy is provided for each client! And there is no extra charge for it! It is a single offer that includes everything you need to have results.
  • What is the difference between a private personal trainer and a gym trainer?
    A private personal trainer dedicates time in and out the sessions to make sure everything is adapted to you only when a gym trainer often offers group sessions. A private personal trainer is more flexible and can commute to you to make sure you get your workout sessions in. I work with a limited number of people to make sure I keep availability and time to focus on you and offer the best service possible.

Where You Can Find Me

Covering Earl's Court, Chelsea, Kensington, Hyde Park and more, my training sessions are delivered directly to you, wherever it is most convenient - be it at your home, workplace, or a park close to you in London!

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Thanks for applying!

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