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Your 5 essentials to recover

Updated: May 17, 2023

If working out is important so is recovering.

If you are able to recover properly from your sessions you will be able to train more efficiently, improve faster and also maximize your chances to avoid injuries.

Recovering is also another way to look after yourself.

Here is the 5 essentials you need in order to recover the best way.

Yoga mat

If you exercise a lot, especialy from home, you probably have a yoga mat yet.

However if you don't, you must get one!

If it is very good to exercise it is also good to relax and recover.

A nice yoga mat will allow you to stretch in comfort creating a safe place with a good relaxing atmosphere.

purple yoga mat blue balls and wooden floor
Yoga studio

Foam roller

The use of a foam roller is a bit controversial.

Some people would say that its effect is very limited or even completely inexistant.

In my opinion, it is very beneficial.

Even if there is only a placebo effect, there is still an effect! So it might be beneficial!

Massaging yourself with a foam roller can help you relaxing your muscles and remove tensions.

green foam roller
Foam roller

Spike massage ball

Very underrated in my opinion and not enough mentioned when it comes to recovery, a spike massage ball (or a more rounded one) is a great equipment to relax some body part you can't work on with your foam roller.

Perfect to remove potential knots you might have in your upper back, it can also be beneficial to massage underneath your feet.

Potentially slightly painful at the beginning, you will easily get used to it and you can be sure it will help you release some tensions that may be very uncomfortable.

Massage oil

If roller foams and spike massage balls are very useful to access some bodypart you can't access with your own hands, using some massage oil made for recovery can be highly beneficial to use especially on your lower limbs.

After a run or a general workout get some oil on your hands and warm it up gently. Massage your legs to spread it all and release its benefits.

massage oil back massage
Massage oil


It might sounds obvious for lots of people but having enough water is essential!

The more active you are and the more you exercise, the more water you need!

Having a bottled water, rather than getting it from the tap, can help you get the nutrients you need.

Between 1L5 and 2L /day being a fair amount.

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