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Who is behind Equilibrium Workout?

My name is Jeremy

I am a Personal Trainer / Nutrition Therapist in London.

Fascinated by the human body and its capacities, I also love physical performances.

I'm always learning more about these 2 topics, whether it is for myself or to improve my client's experience.

Strength training does not only improve your overall fitness. It also impacts positively your mental health.

A good combination for a more energised and  balanced life.

I chose 'Equilibrium' because I believe that no extreme is good.

No extreme diet, no extreme training, no extreme vision.

I shaped my services around 6 strong values: holism, mental health, physical well-being, improvement, consistency and balance.

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Personal Training.

My commitment to excellence pushes me to offer the same quality of service at all time. 

I work with a limited number of people to ensure flexibility, dedication and personalized approach to everyone.

For this reason, there is only one package, at a unique rate.

My Strength and/ or Boxfit trainings are delivered directly to you, wherever it is most convenient - be it at your home, workplace, or a park close to you in London!

The sessions last 1 hour. The exercises are adapted to your level, goals, needs and limitations.


For people that want to train on their own and still need some guidance.

I designed programs that will devellop all the aspect of your fitness.

The quality remains the same, only the delivery is different.

Each program includes strength and cardiovascular trainings.

For every session you will find a specific warm up, following by the core of the session and finishing with some cool down.

Every programs is different and includes variations and evolutions throughout the weeks.

All essential patterns are covered and your whole body will work.

Thanks for applying!

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