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I am Jeremy, the Founder of Equilibrium Workout.

All About Me

I was born in Toulouse in 1991 and I am a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Therapist in London.

I meet my clients and deliver Personal Training/Boxing Fitness wherever it is the most convenient for them. It can be at their home, work or in a park close by.

I am fascinated by the human body and its capacities, and I love physical performances.

I'm always learning more about these 2 topics, whether it is for myself or to improve my client's experience.

Sport means everything to me.

As far as I remember it has always been present in my life.

When I was a child playing football with my dad, or in a club for more than 10 years. Swimming with my school or attending a capoeira class as a teenager.

And now running or going to the gym by myself.


I remember the values and good moments that each of these disciplines brought me. They taught me consistency and hard work. They increased my self-esteem and gave me friends. They pushed me to challenge myself and helped me process my emotions.


I believe that body and mind are closely linked and that exercising energises both of them. Being aware of your body, and feeling it strong positively impacts your brain. And challenging yourself, makes you improve and develops your mindset.



I qualified as a Personal Trainer to be able to transmit everything that sport has given me.

To help people feel better in their body and to feel the impact that it can have on their mind.


Big achievements are possible with the right tools and I want people to realise that sport is as fun, and good for their health and for their brain, as much as it is accessible.

Obviously everyone is different and has different goals, needs, capacities and limitations. I adapt my trainings to every single person to make sure they get the best experience and results.

I understand that finding time for fitness can be challenging.

Life is demanding and your schedule might be busy.

It can also feel overwhelming to go to a crowded gym and have to organise your sessions by yourself.

I am handling all the stress for you.

Whether you are preparing for a specific event (wedding, sport season, race, holidays, etc).

Aiming to lose some weight and get into better shape. 

Wishing to get rid of chronic pain (back or tight hamstrings), or want to improve your physical and mental well-being.



I am here to support you.

Having a regular physical activity is an incredible way to release stress and boost your confidence.

It develops your strength, raises your self-esteem and enhances your mental well being.

Even tough you are shaping your body and developing its muscular and cardiac capacities, you are also relaxing your brain.

Imagine feeling proud because you performed better than the previous week.

Or only because you got this workout done whereas you had a difficult day. 

Imagine your physique changing.

And all of that due to your hard work and determination. Powerfull!

My Strength and/ or Boxing Fitness trainings are delivered directly to you, wherever it is most convenient - be it at your home, workplace, or a park close to you in London!

The sessions last 1 hour. The exercises are adapted to your level, goals, needs and limitations.

Everything is about balance.


And because you are unique, I want to help you Meet your Balance.

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