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How to avoid boredom in your trainings

Updated: May 17, 2023

Working out regularly is not easy, and there can be many reasons to that.

One of the reasons that people face often is boredom.

However every problem has its solution and here are few tips that will help you fight a lack of enthusiasm, make working out more fun and avoid boredom in your trainings.

Setting up SMART goals

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time based.

Whenever you start working out, setting up a goal that matches these rules is a must.

It will not only make training easier but also knowing why you are doing it is a priceless motivation that will help you stay stimulated all along the journey.

Whenever your motivation is getting low, remember why you started and that everything you are doing now are small steps toward your goal!

When your goal is reached, set a new one and create a programation that will help you realise it.

Implement progressive overload

This is one of the first rules to follow if you want to be sure to have results.

There are different ways to include progressive overload into your sessions.

You can change the resting time, increase your weights, reps and even more.

Making each session more challenging than the previous one will insure you progress and help you keep your motivation high as every session will be slightly different than the previous one.

Surprise yourself!

black dumbells black background
Gym dumbells

Changing the exercises you use

In order to improve it is good to practice exercises untill a physical adaptation is created within your body to respond the stress that has been put on it.

However, changing exercises and patterns of movements makes you stimulate new fibres and create new adaptations.

Changing exercises is a good way to make your workout different and keep them as efficient if they are programed smartly.

work out group of women gym
Women working out

Working all aspects of your fitness

Fitness is so complete and so rich that it would be a shame to not work all of it!

There are so many aspects to explore.

Body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratody endurance are all the parts of your fitness you can work on to be your best self.

So many capacities to develop that will stimulate your body and mind and make you being a complete athlete.

Here below are few extra tips you can check out about how to make sure you improve your fitness.

Changing activities

Even though lifting weights has many benefits (, it is not the only physical activity you can do.

In my opinion there is no better way to fight a lack of enthusiasm than trying out a new activity.

Keep it active by challenging yourself and try a new sport.

Every new activity will make you work differently and stimulate your body and brain in a new way.

There is always something new to learn and a different way to train to keep your motivation up.

Also if you start a new activity and invest yourself in it you will definitely progress fast which will also emphase your self satisfaction!

Joining a club

There are plenty of associations or clubs where you can learn and socialise.

Learning from experienced teachers and practitioners will make you gain time and your progress will also benefit from it.

Socialising is also not negligible.

Meeting people with different backgrounds and visions about a specific activity is always a good experience and a great source of learning.

people warming up outdoor training together
Group workout

Hire a private personal trainer

Hiring a professional from the fitness industry has countless benefits.

If you find it difficult to be consistent, having a private personal trainer will create a commitment and develop this regularity.

Your PT will create a program adapted to you and make sure you always progress which will boost your self confidence.

You will also save time creating your workouts and looking for new way to train.

Your private personal training will work all aspects of your fitness with you and teach you many ways to keep improving.

All the variables will be put in its hands and your PT will help you match your trainings with your lifestyle (

personal trainer client pt london gym
Personal trainer

In conclusion

There are so many aspects of your fitness, activities, visions to explore.

Exercising is a long term journey.

There is always something to learn which is a great news because there is room for constant improvement and stimulation.

Don't miss out!

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