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The only 5 ways to improve your fitness

Updated: May 31, 2023

As we probably all did at least once, you also may have ever wondered about the magical way to improve your fitness and get the shape you want. How all those people on social media do look so good. How can I look the same. What is the magic ingredient. Shall I eat only this specific food or follow this specific diet ?

What if the reality was much more easy and simple ?

Here are the only 5 ways that gonna help you improve your fitness and get you wherever you want.


Sadly as with all good things in life, getting good results require time. And the same logic apply to your fitness. Nothing good that lasts is gonna happen the fast way.

It does take time to grow a plant. To built a career. To get the fruits of your investments. This is the same process for your fitness. Consistency in your effort is the first rule you have to apply to yourself in order to get good results.

Trust the process. Simply

man and woman doing jumping jacks outdoors
Jumping jacks small group training

Set yourself a goal

No matter what it is, having a goal is the key that gonna give you constant motivation.

A special event coming up, a performance you’re working for, or simply self satisfaction. Having a goal is gonna be your ancor whenever you will feel that your boat is flowing and your motivation is dropping out.

Visualise your goal, imagine yourself at this event looking the way you want, doing the performance you are working so hard to reach, feel the self-satisfaction you will have when you will accomplish the objective you setted to yourself.

Your goal has to be Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time bounded.

woman weighting herself on a scale
Weighting scale & body composition

 Eat the right food

Food is so important in your fitness journey. But what does the right food mean?

One more time there is no magic answer. But there are principles. Protein, carbs, fat. Those notions are importants and you have to know more about it in order to know how to fuel your body.

Reading ingredients composition whenever you buy something can sound annoying but it is gonna help you knowing what you are eating.

Knowing what you eating is gonna help you understand how nutrition works.

Understanding what you are doing is giving you more chances to succeed.

avocado on toast on wooden table
Eggs & avocado

Workout the right way

Everyone is different and everyone has differents needs. This apply to life in general and so does to fitness.

The right program that works for you is gonna make you gain time, avoid injuries, and allow you to last longer.

The better you perform, the more motivation you get, the more you wanna workout and improve yourself.

Create this vertuous circle by visiting

We do offer both nutrition therapy and personal training for all the packs we have. Equilibrium Workout is available Online through an App, Online through live trainings and on 1 to 1 Trainings too.

woman with a blue outfir performing squats
Personalised program


Patience is the last but not the least of the 5 ingredients that are gonna make you improve your fitness.

It is the link between the 4 previous points. Give time to the process to do its work and give yourself time and chance to like the process.

Mix all the 5 ingredients detailled above and be sure that you are gonna reach your fitness goals.

two women discussing on a yellow couch
Patience & coaching

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