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5 fitness gift ideas for Christmas

Updated: May 17, 2023

Christmas is around the corner! And with Christmas comes gifts.

If you know someone interested in fitness and run out of ideas don't worry, here are 5 gift ideas you can use to make a fitness addict happy.

Yoga mat

If you like fitness, having a yoga mat at home is essential! You can use it for a quick home workout or to stretch. You can use it for yoga too.

Having a yoga mat and unrolling it when it is time to workout helps you creating this routine that will make exercise being a habit. Like putting your shoes on before going for a run.

However if you like working out outside I'd recommend you to have 2 yoga mat.

Lolë offers stylish and comfortable mats you can use at home (my favorite here).

If you would like something to bring outside, Decathlon has a fair range of products for all budgets.

woman doing yoga in a purple outfit grey mat yellow background
Woman doing yoga

Ab roller

This is an object that can really level up your core strength!

With multiple exercises available (click here to find out how to use it) having an ab roller wheel will help you to fully engage your core and your back.

It might feels a bit difficult at the start but keep going. You will progress very fast and feel the benefits of it very quickly after your first use.

man using abs roller black outfit black gym background
Man using abs roller

GPS watch

If you like running you would probably like knowing a little bit more about your performances.

Obviously how long did you run for, but also the distance you have done.

Most GPS watches will also give your more informations like your pace, your time by km, your average bpm (your lowest and highest too) and different more options depending on the model you will chose.

The difference between a GPS and a smart watch is that if you use a GPS watch you won't use your phone at the same time which for me make a massive difference.

I am not going to run to keep on receiving notifications. I am running to feel free and feel away from my day to day life.

If you run for the same reasons here are few watches that will match you perfectly.

smart black watch blue background
Smart watch


If you don't like having your phone around when you are running or doing a workout but still like to listen to music every now and then, you can then go back to the hold time and get a MP3 player.

Sounds like 2005 but it is a very good option to keep on feeling away from day to day stressfull life but still have your best soundtracks with you.

Here are few options available for different budgets.

If you are interested and wonder how music can impact your performances, I have written an article about that few weeks ago, just here.

Suspension trainer

This is a must! If you want to be sure to make your loved one happy that is definitely the item you should get!

Having a suspension trainer will alow you to workout you entire body anywhere!

You can use it outdoor and indoor, as much as take it with you for any travel.

Very light and easy to carry this will allow you to use your body weight to exercise wherever you would like to and whenever you would like to.

Definitely the perfect match for anyone who loves sport!

As much as I know there is no need to spend lots of money on it, you can find very good quality ones for 15£ (Decathlon suspension trainer).

TRX suspension trainer
Suspension trainer

Hopefully these ideas will help you find the perfect gift for Christmas and make your loved ones happy!

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