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5 good reasons to workout in a gym

Updated: May 10, 2023

You have just started being more active, or have been exercising for a long time on your own.

But there is still something keeping you away from getting a gym membership.

Here are 5 good reasons to get one.

Being indoors

Does it sound obvious? Depends for who.

If you really don't like being outdoors then workout in a gym is made for you!

There is no weather excuses, you will always find a warm and dry place to workout.

Most of the gym have big opening times, find the time slot that works best for you and train.


For many gym users, exercising feels like a therapy. It is here to cover a need (what are the benefits of weight lifting?).

To feel mentally or phisically better. To relax and release stress. Or to look better.

No mater the reason, your gym can become your safe and happy place.

If you give it a chance, and realise the benefits you can get from a regular physical activity, your gym might become a place you have to visit to feel good and energised.

More equipment

Having access to a gym also means having access to all the equipment.

It allows you to diversify the exercises and the ways you train.

You do not have to do fancy exercises and change them every week. Sticking to the basic is definetely much better (read how to avoid boredom during your trainings).

But you can add a twist and develop different aspects of your fitness with different equipments that are difficult to have at home.


If you like exercising you will probably be happy to meet people that have the same passion as you.

Everyone is different so everyone has different approach to training.

Sharing experience and knowledge with other gym members is a good way to keep growing and developing your skills.

Getting empowered

It is late at night, you have had a long day, stressful and tiring. You arrive at the gym with absolutely no energy or whatosever (here are 5 tips to help you overcome a lack of motivation).

But as soon as you step in, seing people working out energises you and brings up your motivation.

I am sure you have experienced that before.

The positive vibes and the empowerement you can benefit from your gym has no price.

Having this extra motivation is always welcomed when it is time to put the efforts in!

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