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5 good reasons to workout outdoors

Updated: May 16, 2023

I know, London is not famous for its wonderful weather.

However, it is for its parks! And missing out would be a shame, especially if you like exercising.

Here are 5 good reasons to train outdoors.

Being close to nature

What is better than exercising with some fresh air?

True, as I said, the weather might not be the best here, but there is a satisfaction from working out outdoors, no mater the temperature or the rain, and get the job done.

It can be running, some intervals or resistance training, being outdoors will make you do something that only few people can do.

Woman being happy to be outdoors with mountains background
Enjoying nature

Workout anywhere/ anytime

One of the most obvious advantages I can think about outdoors workout is the freedom it gives you.

First of all it is free. No need to pay for a gym membership.

Also, there is no peak time. Commercial gyms can be very busy at some hours of the day and it can be difficult to exercise properly. You might wait to use this machine, or use these weights (check out what are the benefits of weight lifting).

It can take you longer to complete your session and delay your schedule.

Going outdoors to workout also gives you the opportunity to train anywhere you'd like to. Which makes it easier to make sure you are having a sweat today.

Change environnement

Why do you exercise? For many people it is a way to disconnect, get some self care time and relax.

If that is your case, you might find it difficult to do it in a busy environnement. Waiting time, loud music, people talking to you, there can be several reasons that can break your peace.

Also, if you work in a building or in an office you might find it difficult to go into another indoor place when your work day is finished.

In that case, being outdoors is a good solution to find your way back to peace.

Make you look for new exercises

If you exercise in a park, you might be able to enjoy some outdoor equipment available (pull up bars etc).

If not don't worry, you do not need a lot to keep improving anyway.

Suspension trainer, body weight movements and elastics are enough to get the job done.

This might require few adaptations but this is a good opportunity to learn new exercises and new ways to train (how to avoid boredom in you trainings).

Girl doing TRX exercises outdoors with green background
TRX exercise

Empower people who see you

If you are going to the gym, you will only find people working out.

Which is not the case outdoor.

You will probably see dog walkers, walkers etc who might see you too.

So you would not only improve yourself but also spray the positive vibe around and empower people!

An extra benefit that is not negligible!

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