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Semi-Private Personal Training

You are looking for a life time change or have a long term goal and want the experience of a Certified Private Personal Trainer to succeed.

You also want to exercise with a friend/partner/colleague/family member to share this adventure together!

The Semi-Private Personal Training is for you!

Benefit from 20% OFF!

You stopped exercising, you already are and need help to keep improving, or simply want to start your fitness journey, then the packs will be perfect for you.

There are 20,30 and 40 sessions packs.

For any of these you set up a goal with your PT and decide how many times a week you would like to train.

The sessions last 1 hour and all the equipment needed is provided.

Equilibrium Workout offers are tailored to your lifestyle to help you make the most of your time and perform efficient workout.

We will train you at home, in a park close to your work or in a private studio near you.

Pick up the right pack for you and get all the following benefits:

- Private Personal Trainer

- Personalised program

- Nutrition therapy

- Regular Body Composition Measurement

- Updates on the spot

- Advice on the spot

- 20 sessions: 48£/hour/person

- 30 sessions: 44£/hour/person

- 40 sessions: 40£/hour/person

girls ready to workout with personal trainer in london

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