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Questions you may have about fitness, health and private personal training answered just here

How do I get fit?

This is probably one of the most asked questions.

Getting in a better shape is simple.

But it does not mean that it is easy.

Consistency is probably the most important part of your journey. Making physical activity a habit is probably the biggest challenge but also the most meaningful and exciting one.

It is with time, consistency and a well designed program that you will see the biggest improvements.

Shall I get a Private Personal Trainer?

If you struggle to make exercising a habit, creating a commitment with a Private Personal Trainer is probably a good idea for you.

Does it mean you will have to keep it forever? No.

But hiring a Private PT will save you time and help you build strong and healthy foundations that you will keep forever.

Having a Private PT can be seen as an investment on your health that will pay off if you spend enough time on it.

More energy, self-esteem and physical and mental well being are few of the countless benefits you will get from it.

How long does it take to have physical results?

There is no right answer to this question. It is impossible to know how long it will take you to get the results you want.

We know that as a beginner your improvements will be consequent and fast.

As an intermediate or an advanced they will probably take longer and be slightly less significant over time.

But you will keep improving if you do the right things!

What are the right things?

Consistency, progressive overload, increasing your sleeping quality and eating the right food are elements that will boost your performances and so boost your results too.

How much is a Private Personal Trainer?

As the fitness industry grew a lot over the last couple of years, so did Private Personal Training.

And that is a good thing!

People are more involved in their health and want to make important changes in their lives in order to be fitter and feel mentaly healthier.

However it is not an easy move and getting some external help is a great option. 

Obviously Private Personal Training has a cost.

Some people would say it is expensive or unaffordable, but it all depends on the point of vue.

Is it worth investing in your health? It is a question you are the only one able to answer.

When you start exercising regularly you give up on other things that might have a cost too (smoking or drinking less for instance). You feel physically and mentaly better (that is for sure) and you create a positive dynamic that will affect all the aspects of your life.

Once again, is it worth it? You are the only one able to answer this question.

At Equilibrium Workout we have designed offers to make Private Personal Training accessible to the most people possible.

We offer 10, 15 and 20% OFF (click here to check our discounts) over all of ours Packs (click here to check the packs).

What is the best diet?

Food can be a triggering topic.

When it comes to diet, we like to say that the best diet is the one that suits you.

It does not mean you can eat whatever you want whenever you want all the time.

But you can do it every now and then!

There are principles to follow about calories and macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fat), but there is no magic food as much as there is no forbidden one.

Everything is about balance! But don't worry, we provide Nutrition Therapy within all of ours Packs!

How do you lose weight?

Lots of people hire a Private Personal Trainer because they want to lose weight.

There are lots of different ideas about the best diet, the best exercise or type of training to lose weight.

When it comes to weight, the most important thing to focus on is caloric deficit.

What does that mean?

To keep it simple, you burn calories everyday, when you are at rest, working, playing or exercising. Your body uses calories as energy to function.

You also eat calories every day through food and drinks.

To lose weight, you just need to burn more calories than the calories you eat.

However if you want to make sure to be strong and keep your muscles, you also need to exercise and eat enough protein.

As for many principles it is simple, but not easy to do.

It might sounds confusing or a little bit overwhelming but don't worry, your Private Personal Trainer will guide you through everything you need to know to be fully independant and make it simple for you.

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