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Who is the Founder
of Equilibrium Workout?

My name is Jeremy, I was born in Toulouse in June 1991 and I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

I founded Equilibrium Workout and its Private Personal Training experience to share my passion and vision about sport, and help you realise that physical activity can have countless positive impacts on you.

My Story

As far as I remember there has always been sport in my life.

When I was a child playing football with my dad, swimming twice a week with my school, attending a capoeira course as a teenager.

Also playing football in a club for more than 10 years, or now going to the gym several times a week or just running.

I remember the values and good moments that each of these disciplines brought me.

Consistency, hard work, self-esteem, friendships, happiness, challenging myself.

I believe that body and mind are closely linked and that exercising energises both your body and your spirit.

I want to help people realise this too.


I qualified and became Private Personal Trainer to be able to share my passion about sport.

To help people feel better in their body and to feel the impact that it can have on their mind.


Big achievements are possible with the right tools and I want people to realise that sport is as fun, and good for their health and for their brain, as much as it is accessible.

My purpose has a name, Equilibrium Workout

I chose Equilibrium because I believe that no extreme is good.

No extreme diet, no extreme training, no extreme vision.

Everything is about balance.

And because everyone is unique, I want to help you Meet Your Balance.

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