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Private Personal Training
by Equilibrium Workout

Equilibrium: 'The condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts'.

Equilibrium Workout
is a Vision

I (Jeremy-The Founder) choosed this name because I think that all aspects of your fitness are important.

Body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

To me it is primordial to keep on developing all of these capacities.

Working on your body composition will improve your general health and extend your life.

Flexibility will make everyday movements easier.

Muscular strength will boost your energy.

Muscular endurance will allow you to perform longer.

And cardiovascular endurance will upgrade your heart functions, health and general body capacities.

People have different goals driving them.

They can be physical or mental.

You might want to look more after your general health for medical reasons. 

Get stronger after have given birth, improve your physical capacities to be able to play with your children or simply to feel better.

You also might want to release stress and increase your self care time.

No mater your goal, developing all aspects of your fitness will benefit you.

I believe that knowing yourself better physically will impact positively your mindset and your mental health.

Being consistent despite a lack of motivation, pushing your limits despite tireness or developing your physical capacities will bring you energy and self esteem you will use in your every day life.

Equilibrium Workout
is an Idea

The idea that sport must be accessible to most people possible.

I know life is demanding and it is not always easy to fit your workout in.

This is why I have designed offers that will make training easier and funnier for you.

Get trained whenever and wherever (Locations) it is the most convenient for you.

It can be at your home, outdoor or in a private studio.

A Mobile Personal Training Experience that is adapted to your needs and gives you the best chances to succeed.

To Equilibrium Workout balance is the key and body and mind are closely dependant.

Equilibrium Workout
is a Purpose

Learn from a Private Personal Trainer and build the knowledge you need to make exercise a habit.

Improve all aspects of your fitness and have a positive impact on your mental health.

A stronger body for a stronger mind.

Push your limits.

Level up your body strength.

Increase your self-esteem.

Boost your energy.

Equilibrium Workout
is a Goal

To help you

Meet your Balance

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