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What are the benefits to working out outdoors

Updated: May 16, 2023

Going to the gym has become very popular.

For many people, it is a good way to relax, release some stress and disconnect for an hour or two.

But for some, leaving the office to go exercising indoor does not sound good.

The good option for them might be to workout outdoors.

Here are 6 benefits of getting an outdoor sweat.

Getting closer to nature

As said before, working all day inside and then going to another indoor place to exercise might sound like a bad idea.

Most people want to workout to disconnect and doing it oudoors is a good way to connect with nature.

London has massive pretty parks where you can already see many people exercising.

Being outside gives you this feeling that you are not in a big city anymore. And that is quite appreciable, especially after a long working day.

Woman doing yoga on rocks on the beach
Outdoors yoga

Inspiring people who see you

If you go to a gym, you will only find people working out there. Which is not the case outside.

Parks are opened to everyone and exercising outdoors might be a good way to motivate some people.

Gyms can be scary for some of us, and performing outdoors trainings might encourage walkers to start or go back to a regular physical activity.

Free space

With the growth of the fitness industry during the last years, many commecial gyms have opened. It is a good way to access equipement for a fair price (most of the time) and joint a community of people who like exercising.

But if you are looking for something even cheaper, there are not many options left.

Running is free. And working out outdoors too.

A good way to save some pounds.

Trying new exercises

If you decide to leave your gym to workout in your closest park then you will probably have to slightly change your program.

Unless you are carrying weights with you (what are the benefits of weight lifting?), the way you will exercise will change a little bit.

Bodyweight exercises, elastics, TRX, there are many ways to keep improving your fitness with few equipements.

But it requires some researches.

However, if you are getting bored easily, changing environement and so way of training can be very helpful.

Girl listening to music and running outdoors at the same time
Listening to music and running

Bring a friend

Some gyms allow it for a trial sessions, or with a day pass.

But if you would like to workout with a friend without spending more money, or because you guys are not used to the same gym, then exercising outdoors together is a great option.

It is very personal, but for some people, having a gym partner is an extra motivation to make sure they complete their workout.

If you are in this situation, call your friend, get your runnings and meet each other at the nearest park.

Women training togeter wearing workout outfit and sport bags
Women training together

Practice wherever you want

Being able to train outdoors no matter the weather and the equipement you have will make you more free.

Free to workout wherever and whenever you want to.

So if you are going on holidays you don't have to worry about looking for a gym, or just break your dynamic by stopping exercise during this time.

Find a nice outdoor spot, allocate yourself some time (even it is shorter), and keep moving! Your body will thank you!

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