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These popular beliefs that made you stop improving your fitness

Updated: May 17, 2023

We have beliefs about a lot of topics. It is natural. And so fitness is not excluded from that.

However most of the time beliefs are limiting you, and if you don't go over it, you won't progress.

Did you stop improving your fitness? That might be due to those beliefs.

I am not good enough

Everyone has a different level and there is absolutely no point comparing yourself to other people.

If you believe that having a regular physical activity is easy for everyone but you, you are wrong.

Most people struggle too. Everyone has ups and downs, you probably just don't see them.

If you stick for long enough to your fitness routine, you will realise the benefits it has and it will become less and less difficult to be dedicated to it. After a few months of exercise, your body will need it and you'll miss the sweat if you ever skip a session. Check out my advice to avoid boredom during your sessions and optimise you chances to make exercising a habit.

Dedication is not a talent, it can be worked on.

I don't have time

You do not have to hit the gym for 2h everyday to feel better. Neither you do to have results.

If you want to make space in your schedule for an hour of sport 2 to 3 times a week, then you can probably find a way to.

Is your health one of your priority?

Obviously you can't do everything but if the answer is yes, you can probably make some room for it.

Black smart watch with a blue background
Smart watch

Eating healthy is difficult

Eating healthy does not require you to be a chef. Sticking to the basics is enough (how do calories work?).

A good source of protein, some carbs and a lots of vegetables, it is as simple as that!

You do not have to follow complicated recipes, going for something simple will do the job.

Doing meal prep can be very helpful. You can allow some time to cook once or twice/week and get your meals ready. It is also a very good way to control your nutrition.

Woman in a red top preparing an healthy meal and being ready to put it in the oven
Healthy meal

I want fast result

Wanting fast results is understandable but it is probably not the right attitude to have towards food and exercising.

Dropping your calories too much can potentially create a food disorder. And exercising too much can lead you to injury (here are 5 signs that show you are overtraining).

If you want results that last you better see long term and take time to reach your goals.

A controlled and progressive diet associated to a smart and progressive program will bring you where you want to be and keep you there for a long time.

Water is tasteless

It might be, but a good hydratation is a strong base for a good health. Did you know that the first cause of headache was deshydratation?

Getting enough water every day sounds like a basic advice. It is. But it does not mean it is not important or true.

If you are not already doing it, give it a try and drink 1L5 to 2L of water everyday. The changes will be massive.

woman drinking water with a white outfit and a white hairband
Woman drinking water

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