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5 tips to make exercising a habit

Updated: May 10, 2023

Everyone knows that exercising is good for health. The human body is built to move and not to remain seated all day. You probably hear that a lot.

However for many people it is difficult to find consistency. Lack of time, organisation or motivation, there are lots of reasons that can make you not exercise.

Thansfully there are solutions to fight that!

Here are 5 tips to help you to make exercising a habit.

Train the same days at the same time

This probably sounds obvious but it is a very good thing to experiment.

Having specific days and time to train will help you create a dynamic routine. Your body will get used to it, and if you give yourself enough time, you will feel that your body will even ask you to train on these days.

Your brain and body get used to the way you treat them. If you chose to stay sedentaire, your body will struggle to get activated. But the opposite works to!

Decide how many times per week you want to exercise, decide the days and the time and stick to it long enough to give yourself a real chance to succeed.

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Create a routine that leads you to training

If you have had a long day at work, or stayed home in your couch, it is probably difficult to activate yourself to go to the gym or for a run. I know. This happens to everyone.

Start slowly. Create a routine that will lead you to your training.

Because accomplishing a task makes you want to accomplish another one, try to start by something small.

Drink your water, get dressed with an outfit you like, play some specific song, stretch etc.. try out and find out your own path to your workout (how does music impact your performances).

Also think step by step only. If you think about everything you have to accomplish during your session you might feel overwhelmed. Think only about the next step. One after one untill you are stepping into the gym. If you are there, 80% of the job is done, you only need to achieve 20% more.

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Set up a goal

I won't say it enough, having a goal is primordial. There is nothing worse and more unmotivating than not knowing why you are doing something.

Long terms to short terms goals will help you know your why and keep your motivation all the way long.

Of course you will face periods where you will feel lost, but it is normal. Accept it and stick to the routine you have created. The determination will come back.

Training is mandatory

Working, showering, eating, sleeping, all these things are mandatory right? Even if every now and then you would skip one of them you still come back to them.

Why don't you consider looking after your health being mandatory then?

Exercising regularly is like investing an amount of time per week into something, that you can be sure about, will pay off.

More energy, more self confidence, more happiness, better mental health, and on top of that for longer.

And the only thing you have to do is to invest 2 to 4hours per week only. Is that worth it?

Always show up

Less is better than nothing.

Stepping in the gym whereas you really felt you couldn't will feel so rewarding.

You can't perform at your best all the time, but you can still give the best you have.

That is what it's all about.

Next time you think you can not do it stop thinking. Start your routine and show up. This extra pride you will get might even give you the extra energy to surprise yourself and do the best workout of your week!

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