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5 fitness gift ideas for Christmas part.2

Updated: May 17, 2023

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Next week will be the last opportunity to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

And if one of them is passionate about sport it would surely love a usefull gift that makes a difference in its training sessions!

Here are 5 fitness gift ideas for Christmas part.2!

Waterproof headphones

Few weeks ago we already gave you 5 fitness gift ideas for Christmas. And if you have read this article you have seen that we talked about MP3. Listenning to music is a great way get motivation when you exercise (how does music impact your performances?).

If your budget is a bit more important, and if you want to connect your headphones to your phone you could potentially get waterproof headphones.

If you are a podcasts fan, or if you have a membership with Spotify or Apple, bluetooth headphones that you can also use under water can be a precious help for people who like swimming, or working out whilst listening to something that motivate or distract them a little bit.

woman listening to music on the tube
Woman listening to music on the tube

Training shoes

In my opinion training shoes should definitely be adapted to the activity you practice. So if you like running you better have appropriate running shoes. But they are probably not best to workout with.

Having a flat sole will be great help whenever you want to go to the gym. It will give you more stability and a good posture to perform legs exercises. For this reason barefoot shoes come to me as an evidence.

woman training in a gym with weights and barbells
Gym workout

Saguaro offers an affordable range of barefoot shoes very comfortable and easy to wash, use and carry.

Weighted vest

If you like to workout at home and practice body weight training or calisthenics you will benefit from a weighted vest for sure!

This is a great way to add some extra weight whilst leaving your hands free.

You can still perform calisthenics and other bodeyweight exercises but also add a little bit more challenge to it.

Winter equipment

Christmas comes with winter and cold so if you are running, or working out outside, some winter clothes are probably welcomed!

Gloves, neck warmer, hat, leggings, lights, there are plenty of accessories that can be usefull for this time of the year and that will allow you to keep training and challenging yourself.

The cold is not a reason to stop, you just need to adapt to it.

Foam roller

Foam rollers are a bit controversial. Some people saying they are a great way to prepare your body for a workout and also recover from it. Other people saying they don't have any benefits.

In my opinion foam rollers are quite relaxing. You can't expect them to do miracles, but they are a good way to massage body parts you can't necessarily access and help your blood flow going.

In addition to spiky balls, which are great to relax trigger points, they are the perfect match for self morning care or post workout relaxing time.

foam roller weight jumping rope kettlebell and blue yoga mat
Home workout equipement

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