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Personal Trainer

Equilibrium Workout is bringing high standards to Westminster.

The insurance to build a strong core, develop your muscle mass and upgrade your cardio within the very comfort of your house.

personal trainer london

Personal Training - Westminster

Equilibrium Workout is a Private Personal Training experience adapted to you and to your lifestyle.

The guarantee to have more energy, release stress and build a strong body that will allow you to make the most of life.​


My name is Jérémy, and I created Equilibrium Workout to make sport accessible to anyone, any diet and any schedule.

I know life is demanding and requires to adapt which is why I designed a service adapted to life.


Equilibrium Workout makes it easier for you with Personal Training coming to Westminster!

Get fitter and healthier in the very comfort of your house.

The sessions last one hour.

You will strengthen your core, build strong muscles and improve your cardio.

Equilibrium Workout has been designed to save you time and bring high standards to your door.

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Step 3

Have a chat

This is an opportunity to get to know each other and discover our personalities.

Talk about your current situation, goals and sport background.

Trial session


Let's book your trial session!

It is 50% off and there is no commitment.

You can then see the way a session goes!

Get started!


Pick up the right pack for you and let's work together toward your goals! 


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