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Nutrition Therapy

I know how much relationship to food can be tricky.

It can be source of stress, brings up questions about yourself, you may not have the right answer or knowledge about it.

I would like to say that no extreme is good !

Everything is about balance !

If you would like it, let me teach you what I know.

How carbs, fats and protein work?

What should you include in your meals?

How do you make sure to respect your diet?

What should you do to achieve long term stability?

With your agreement, all of these questions and even more are gonna be answered through the sessions where we will workout together.

Private Personal Trainers are also qualified as Nutrition Therapists.

And there is no extra charge for that ! 

All of the packs (Services & Pricing) include Nutrition Therapy.

Equilibrium Workout is a full experience about helping you finding the right balance that works for you.

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