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How Does It work?

At Equilibrium Workout we believe that body and mind work together. That they are linked and interdependent.

One of the meaning of life is to find the right balance between them and here are the 4 steps that we think are gonna help you Meet your Balance.


Contact Us

You want to start your fitness journey, you used to exercise before and completely stopped, or are still active and want to improve more.

Whatever the reason you have, congratulations! Exercising is always a good choice!

Working with a Private Personal Trainer is always a good choice too!

Get the right program adapted for you, improve your motivation and skills.

Benefits from its experience and knowledges.

Get a training partner always here to make your session funnier and more effective!

If that sounds like a good plan to you then fill out our form and lets move to the 2nd step together!

Meet Up

Well done!

We are glad you've made the first step and contacted us!

Now wherever you are let's meet up!

It can be on a call or on live, the best that suits you.

We would like you to know more about us, our vision and way to work.

We'd be happy to explain you what balance means to us. 

Also we would like to know more about you!

Why you decided to contact us, what is your lifestyle, what are your goal, what do you expect from us.

This step is an important part of our collaboration as it will help us understand you better and make the most of our common work. 

Now that we know each other better lets move on to the 3rd step!

Working from Home

Pick Up the Right Pack

That was really nice to meet you!

We are pleased to get into this step with you!

At Equilibrium Workout we have different offers to make sure you find the right fit for you.

Work with us for 20, 30 or 40 sessions!

For each of these offers you will benefit from Certified Private Personal Trainer's experience, skills and knowledges along with Nutrition Therapy.

All of ours packs include everything you need to help you Meet your Balance.

The first session with us is 50% OFF  and with no engagement so we can decide after it to work together.

Pick up the pack you feel the most comfortable to work with and lets move to the final step!

Let's Workout !

Here we are!

You've been through all the 3 steps up to the 4th one!

This is amazing!

We are so happy to be here with you!

Everything is ready for you! Now it is time to put in the work!

It is time to have fun, improve and get better together!

Let's push your limits, level up your strength, increase your self-esteem, boost your energy and meet your balance!

And there is something you can be sure about, we will always do our utmost to help you Meet your Balance, and you will always feel better after a workout with us!

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