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1 to 1 Single Sessions

You have a short term goal or don't like engagement but still want Certified Private Personal Trainer's advice and experience.

The 1 to 1 Single Session is for you! 

Get a session whenever and wherever you want, with no engagement.

It is as simple as it sounds.

You can book a session whenever you'd like to workout, supported by a PT who will organise everything for you.

The sessions last 1 hour and all the equipment needed is provided.

Organise the session wherever it is the most convenient for you.

You may want to exercise at home, in a park close to your work or in a private studio near you for more comfort.

Equilibrium Workout offers an experience tailored to your lifestyle to help you make the most of your time, and allow you to perform an efficient workout.

With this offer you are completely free, there is absolutely no engagement and you get all the following benefits:

- Private Personal Trainer

- Personalised session

- Updates on the spot

- Advice on the spot

- Single session: 65£/hour

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