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Welcome to Equilibrium Workout

This is a Premium Personal Training experience based in London, dedicated to helping individuals take charge of their health.

Whether you are preparing for a specific event (wedding, sport season, race, holidays, etc).

Aiming to lose some weight and get into better shape.

Wish to get rid of chronic pain (back or tight hamstrings).

Or want to improve your physical and mental well-being, we are here to support you.

Having a regular physical activity is an incredible way to release stress and boost your confidence. It develops your strengthraises your self-esteem and enhances your mental well being.

Even tough you are shaping your body and developing its muscular and cardiac capacities, you are also relaxing your brain.

Imagine feeling proud because you performed better than the previous week.

Or only because you got this workout done whereas you had a difficult day. 

Imagine your physique changing.

And all of that due to your hard work and determination.


We understand that finding time for fitness can be challenging.

Life is demanding and your schedule might be busy.

It can also feel overwhelming to go to a crowded gym and have to organise your sessions by yourself.

We are handling all this stress for you.

Our strength and/ or boxingfitness trainings are delivered directly to you, wherever it is most convenient - be it at your home, workplace, or a park close to you in London!

The sessions last 1 hour. The exercises are adapted to your level, goals, needs and limitations.

At Equilibrium Workout, we believe in six fundamental values that shape our approach:

Holism: we believe that body and mind are closely linked.

 Mental health: it is scientificaly proved that exercising reduces stress and anxiety.

Physical well-being: we have only one body so it is important to look after it the best way possible.

 Improvement: no matter the level, the most important is to improve and be a better self.

Consistency: it needs time, and hard work, but like for everything else in life you will get the results you want if you put in the efforts.

 Balance: working out is an importantEating the right food too. But none of this has to become extreme. It's all about balance!

By embracing these principles, we provide a comprehensive and well-rounded fitness experience.

Our commitment to excellence means we ensure that the quality of our training is the highest every time.

We pride ourselves in delivering a personalized and tailored experience, focused on meeting your unique needs and goals.

We provide experience, informations and results.

Our tagline, "MEET YOUR BALANCE," reflects the core philosophy of our founder, Jeremy.

We know that every individual is different physically and mentaly.

And we believe that finding balance in life is essential, and are here to guide you towards achieving it through our exceptional personal training services.

Join us at Equilibrium Workout and embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life.

We are here to support you every step of the way.


We offer a Personal Training service tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Have you ever struggled to exercise regularly?

Have you ever found difficult to go to the gym? To find the appropriate training that will give you the results you want?

Forget about the overcrowded gym and the difficulty to find the right exercises that work for you.

We are handling all the worries.


Our experienced trainer delivers personal training and/ or boxingfitness wherever is most convenient for you - whether that's at home, at work, or a park close to you.

We are providing advice, expertise, motivation and results to you.

With Equilibrium Workout, you can expect the highest quality and personalized approach at all time.

We believe in an holistic approach that will develop all the aspects of your fitness and all parts of your body.

Our sessions last one hour and include exercises that are adapted to your level, morphology, needs, and limitations.

We understand that everyone is unique, and we tailor our workouts to help you achieve your specific goals.


In addition to customized workouts, we also provide Nutrition Therapy.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in sports performance, general well being and weight management.

Along physical training, providing guidance on healthy and smart eating habits is a necessity.

We will break down the concepts of protein, carbs and fat and provide tools to use them at their best.

Understanding their process and the way they work is a key that will help you master your weight. No matter if you'd like to gain, maintain or lose weight.

Also, we proceed to monthly Body Measurements.


Body composition is an important part of fitness and health.

Increasing your muscle mass and lowering your body fat is the right combination for stronger joints and muscles and better heart functions.

Having a more balanced body fat/ lean muscle masse ratio will positevely impact your self confidence and your daily life movement.

Our commitment to excellence pushes us to offer the same quality of service to everyone.

Benefit from all the following at a unique rate:

-> Meet you wherever it is the best for you to make sure your sessions  fit in your schedule. 

-> Tailor the exercises to meet your individual needs, goals and limitations.

-> Provide Nutrition Therapy to optimize your sport performances and body composition.

-> Perform monthly Body Measurements and offer weight management support.

-> Commit to excellence and guarantee results through a personalized approach.

By choosing Equilibrium Workout you can be confident that you will see results.

We not only help you build a stronger body but also a stronger mind and a sustainable lifestyle.

MEET YOUR BALANCE with Equilibrium Workout.

'The longest way started by a first step'

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You are highly motivated to make a change in your life but need some guidance.

Get in touch and let's have a chat!

That is a good way to discover each other personalities, find out more about our backgrounds and decide to work together!



Let's book your trial session!

It is free and there is no commitment!

We can meet in person, discuss your goals, needs and expectations further. And obviously train together!

Get started!


It is time to put in the good work!

Let's focus on you and get you where you want to be.

'Really exceptional PT, strongly recommend!'

Rafael Fernandez Romero

Jeremy is a great personal trainer. After not having exercised in years, I really appreciate how he tailors the workouts in a way that it never feels monotonous; guaranteeing enjoyment and  constant improvement at the same time. Worth every penny. Highly recommend!

Pierre Pappalardo

Très belle découverte. Autant sur le plan sportif que humain. Jeremy a su prendre le temps d'écouter et comprendre mes besoins. Séances diversifiées et conseils très utiles. J'ai apprécié qu'il adapte son contenu à mes besoins (contrairement à un programme pré-établi comme cela existe ailleurs). Je recommande sans hésiter si vous avez besoin de retrouver la forme et/ou un rythme de vie plus sain !


I work with Jeremy for 3months now. Difference is very visible. He is very systematic on his approach and add intensity slowy as you build muscle. He is great motivator and hard working person, always on top on every excercise he instruct me to do. I get 1h of great workout. Really exceptional PT, strongly recommend!

Johanna Coste-Buscayret

I was looking to rebalance my wellbeing, get more energy and tone and Jeremy helped me to achieve my goals! I highly recommend Jeremy as a PT : he is very nice, flexible and his exercices are always varied. Special mention to the boxing exercices at the end of some sessions which are a fantastic stress relieve!

Andréa V

Very good personal trainer. Jeremy provides a diversity of exercises: each session is different.
After few weeks I am feeling much better physically and mentally.
I look forward the next session.

Sisi Rge

Jeremy was very patient and attentive to my goals. I felt he listened to what I wanted to achieve and planned accordingly. Great service would defo recommend!

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