What Is Equilibrium

Equilibrium: 'The condition of a system in which all competing influences are balanced, in a wide variety of contexts'.

At Equilibrium Workout we believe that Balance is the Key & that body & mind are closely dependant.

Improve All Aspects of your fitness & have a Positive Impact on your mental health.

A Stronger Body for a Stronger Mind.

Push your Limits.

Level Up your body Strength.

Increase your Self-Esteem.

Boost your Energy.

Meet your Balance.


What Do We Do

Personal Trainer
Online Coaching

- Personalised program

- Nutrition Therapy

- Weekly Updates based on your feedback

- Weekly Advice

- 2 Video calls to Discuss Further your evolution

- Free Access to an App to follow up your Evolution

6 Weeks/£250

1 to 1 Single Session

- Personalised session

- Updates on the spot

- Advice on the spot

1 Session/£65

Up to 10

Workout with Ropes
1 to 1 Pack

- Personalised program

- Nutrition therapy

- Regular Body Composition Measurement

- Updates on the spot

- Advice on the spot

- Free Access to an App to follow up your Evolution

18 Sessions/£1080 (£60/session)

24 Sessions/£1320 (£55/session)

How Does It Work

'The Longest Way Started by a First Step'

Make your First Step by Contacting Us.

We will make sure to organise a call to Have a Chat With You.

We want to Meet You & Discover Your Personality.

Talk about your Sport Background, your Current Situation & Your Goals.

We also want you to have the Opportunity to find out more about us, our Values & Mindset.

When you feel ready we can move into the Second Step.

Let's Book your First Session with us.

It is a way for both of us to know more about each other & decide to Work Together.

Move into the Third Step & pick up the right Pack for you.

Sign In & get ready to Meet Your Balance.